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Vape X Cult


Vape X Cult

 Project Date

August 2019


Branding Identity

Vape X Cult is an ejuice store and lounge. They have a variety of flavors and make all of their juice on-site catered to each individual customers preferences. Vape X Cult allows the customer to choose either a single flavor or multiple flavors to mix together inside their custom juice orders. All employees are trained to create juice and can help with any questions concern-ing mod building or where to start your vaping journey.The Vape X Cult Ad Campaign was created to advertise the flavor quality of the ejuice available at the store. It depicts the bottle being placed instead of multiple food items to showcase that the flavor is so much like the real thing that you may crave it. The Vape X Cult Instagram Ads were created to showcase the customer ability to mix and match flavors. The ads show a mixture of flavors that fit a single theme and the statement that you can be greedy and have a whole breakfast, sweet snack, etc in a single puff.

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